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2008 netbook; Model ZG5 AOA150-1691; 8.5" screen; 1.6 GHz N270 Intel Atom Processor

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What hard drives work on this ZG5?

I want to improve my ZG5 storage capacity. It comes with only 8 GB in a flash drive and I want to change it to a regular magnetic hard drive.

¿What references fits well into this little machine?


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hi, iam from india. i want hdd connector diagram


My ZG5 literally has NO HDD. No connectors, cables or mount points inside! I installed Win 10 OK, but updates are impossible due to lack of storage. Windows reports 11GB of storage, which I presume is on the MB. RAM is 1.5GB. Any ideas how to increase long-term storage? There are 2 SD-like card slots - can either of these be used for HDD substitute?


@jtheires Yep, good luck upgrading that... It's an IDE SSD, which are non-existent today.

At least with the 1.8" ZIF versions, you can steal a drive from a dead iPod or Zune in the size you want as a last resort. Netbooks were a fad, and the OEMs all knew it so they didn't care if this became an issue years later.


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These machines are a hot mess in terms of what works and doesn't. Some of them use the IDE ZIF (1.8”) drives (which are nearly impossible to find short of gutting an older iPod or Zune or using an iFlash and SD cards). The higher capacity ones use a 2.5” drive, but it has to be I/II/III compatible - SATA III Fixed speed drives will not work. You can usually tell by the capacity of the original drive. In addition, check Device Manager for a drive model to tell as well.

If you are lucky enough to have a 2.5" system, you can install just about any drive under 2TB you want - as long as the right SATA support is there. As a general rule, with the ZG5 if it came with an SSD, it's usually IDE. TYPICALLY, this drive is difficult to find (and if you do, it often costs more than the netbook is worth). The IDE drives are just not worth upgrading due to cost :(.

The problem is you need to do a complete teardown to see which board you have. The ZG5 doesn’t have access panels on it for easy HD/RAM access. The guide can be found here.

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It does NOT use 2.5 sata, it uses zif/pata 40pin drive.


I just opened up my ZG5 it only has the SMall SSD8gb with ribbon assy. there must be 2 different versions of same model number out there. I did find that there are 2 SD card slots I picked up 2 128gb on ebay for $22.00 so 256gb is pretty good for this little blue netbook.


Hi, my ZG5 is come with hdd originally, is it possible to change to SSD? Please kindly advise~ thank you.


If it came with a hard drive, it's easy. The ones with the IDE SSD apparently lack a SATA port. If you have one of those the word is that you need a iPod style IDE hard drive or an IDE SSD that goes in a wireless slot like connector.


Hi Nick,


Can you check this if it is IDE SSD that you've mentioned above?


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There are at least two different models of your netbook. In one you must disassemble as nick states--the other is easier. I will provide links to videos for both to assist you is your project.


The second one is in Spanish but you can follow the video if you don't speak Spanish. Good luck with your upgrade.


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Some of them don't seem to have a %*%# Sata connection inside! What can one do then? I dont want an external solution.


My point as well. There is no SATA connection inside.

If anyone has the solution, please kindly point me to the right direction.


It does not have sata connection. What do you suggest?


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Hi @jtheires

One way might be to install the largest capacity SD card that you want or can afford and configure it and use it as the "storage drive" for your data and leave it permanently in there.

Don't know the BIOS boot options but most likely you can't boot from the SD card so you'll have to leave the OS on the motherboard storage

The upside in doing this is that your data is easy to access if your laptop fails or if you want to leave your laptop unattended for a short while e.g. a library - simply unmount the card and remove it and take it with you. It is also unobtrusive i.e. doesn't protrude from the body of the laptop.

The downside is that it is also easier for someone else to remove it from the laptop but they have to know that it is there ;-)

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I guess you could make a custom caddy and install a 1.8” HDD (they made those in sizes up to 320GB).

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Actually there is not need to make a custom caddy. 1.8" fits this netbook without any customization with original cable.


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