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Repair guides and support for videocassette recorders including Betamax and VHS (Video Home System) players.

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Play for few seconds

Hi, My VCR-Video-8 combo SONY SLV-T2000 , VHS repaired for loading, now it only plays and Fast forward for 2-3 seconds than stops! Rewind is working.

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Sorry to revive a dead post but I have the EXACT same issue! My SLV-T2000 would eat tapes when ejecting and wouldn't play anything. I fixed the loading issue, and now it plays but only for 4 seconds and then stops. Did you find a solution in the end?


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The gear related to the function might be damaged (skipping some teeth probably).

See if you can open it up and pinpoint the issue.

If this is the case, it would be quite troublesome to find an identical part, i’d try restoring the existing gear.

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