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Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. Released October 2015. Model 1703.

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Replace swollen surface book batteries

Looking for a qualified resource to replace swollen batteries behind screen of first gen surface book. Thanks in advance. Michael

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Does anyone do this type of work?


Can someone recommend a repair resource?


Thank you Mayer for your comment. I'm not comfortable taking on the repair myself. Looking for someone interested in the repair...


Is anyone interested in making this repair?


I can do this for you. Click on my icon to find my email, shoot me a message and i'll fix it for you.


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It’s a moderately simple replacement procedure, takes about 20 minutes. Here’s how it’s done:

Austausch des Microsoft Surface Book Akkus

This kit will give you the tools needed:

Essential Electronics Toolkit

iFixit is out of the battery right now but here’s one on eBay


A reasonable price for the repair would be about $100 in my shop, including the battery.

Essential Electronics Toolkit Bild


Essential Electronics Toolkit


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