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The Lenovo YOGA 730-15IKB is a 15" foldable laptop with dedicated graphics and a high-resolution touchscreen. Released in early 2018. Model number 81CU0009US.

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Unable to remove the screws of the back of the laptop.

So I need to get inside my laptop because I need to replace the RAM as it is malfunctioning (I have constant BSODs and memtest gave me over a thousand errors), but I can’t. Some of the screws went off fine, but the other ones I can’t do anything about. They are stuck and there are like 6 of them, I can’t open the laptop without unscrewing them. Is there any way I can unscrew them and them screw them back in without searching for the replacement? Attached are the photos of the screws and a video of me trying to unscrew them. On the video, first is a good screw that I manage to take off without any issues and second is a bad screw.

Block Image


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Someone screwed the rear panel on from an angle from the factory if this is your first time opening it. Sadly, you usually lose the post as well if this is one of those aluminum skinned machines because it breaks when you try to get it out. However, you do sometimes get lucky. A lot of those thin laptops screw out from an angle on the sides, so this may be user induced if you had to do it from an angle :-(.

What I’d do first is try something like a pair of screw extracting pliers first before going to more drastic measures. If this doesn’t work, you may need to cut the head of the screw off, remove the remains with pliers and relocate a screw that’s cosmetic, especially if this is near the hinges.

Screw Extracting Pliers Bild


Screw Extracting Pliers


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To add to the answer, here's the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop,

If you break or damage the heads of any screws on p.31 you'll find the screw sizes and on p.60 you'll find the part number for the screws.

Search online using the part number only will get suppliers


@jayeff At this point the OP is better off cutting the screw heads off, removing the remains and getting it open. There is just no way out with this kind of problem on many of these. OP may be lucky, but at this point it's looking like something has to go and it's the screws.

Screws are cheap - palmrests are not.


@nick wait, so how do I do this safely, without damaging the palmrest? Should I still try the Pilers @jayeff suggested or just cut the heads off? As far as I understand, both of this methods are safe for the palmrests, or am I wrong?


@Strong Disagreement I would try the pliers first and if that fails (or seems like it may do dome damage), cut the heads off and remove the remains.


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