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Die zweite Generation des 11 Zoll iPad Pro erschien im März 2020 mit den Modellnummern A2228, A2068, A2230, and A2231.

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Cracked screen replacement guide

How to replace cracked screen for 2020 11” iPad Pro 2nd gen.

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First, to see if it’s an inside screen or an outside screen is broken? Here is some methods to judge the inside or outside screen damage, that is

1. The Touch. When you touch the screen, the screen is not sensitive.

2. Observation. You can observe by naked eyes, to find whether there is an image on the screen is color piece, water ripple, etc. That is to say, the touch is not sensitive, the screen doesn’t have the image display problem. This situation is outside screen damaged. If no problem for the touch, but the screen has color block, water ripple and other problems, this situation is inside screen damaged.

3. There is a difference between the outside screen and the inside screen when you shine bright light on it. The difference between the inside and outside screen can be distinguished under the highlight. If there is only obvious crack on the outside surface, the outside screen is broken. If there are cracks on the inside and outside, it means that both the inside and outside screen are cracked.

No matter which screen is broken, you have to change it.

If you want to change it by yourself, you have to buy a new glass with OCA and prepare some useful tools to repair it.

Then, start to change it.

1. Ensure the iPad is off.

2. Remove the cracked screen.

3. Remove residual glue on the LCD.

4. Clean up the LCD.

5. Paste a new glass, which has a OCA on it.

6. Finally, test the display and the touch are on work or not.

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Is only can make it happen you have all kind of machines. I saw step by step done showing how to replace digitizer glass only on iPad Pro 11” 2nd generation with all kind of special machines on YouTube. I think in China. I don’t think in US repair shop change the LCD and digitizer glass already with board replace . You buy part about $300 . Outside repair shop they charge repair and replace about $400 and you bring to Apple store pay $499 plus Tax they can repair new screen. iPad Pro iPad Air the lcd and touch screen stick together not separate like iPad 7 , 8 totally different. Same easy way to repair DIY . Buy part on iPad 8 touch glass is $ 20 and iPad Pro $300 bid different. You can repair yourself. Easy to replace the screen.


A screen repair specialist will be able to do this for you. I do this type of repair but I am in in the UK. There are a few places in the US that also do this repair


I live in Thailand and NOBODY can change it. Apple care included.

I can do it myself as electronics engineer, as have done many smart phones.

Nobody sends parts to Thailand (Amazon Ebay etc…(Now I’m going to try Alibaba)


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I heard it is not possible to repair just the glass, but the whole display including the digitiser needs to be replaced. This is because they are glued together and they are very difficult to separate.

The Apple store would only replace the whole display which is almost half of the iPad price unfortunately!

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It is possible to replace just the glass, however it is not a DIY repair.


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