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The Ford Expedition is a full-size SUV assembled by the American automaker Ford Motor Company. Introduced as the four-door successor of the two-door Ford Bronco, the Expedition has remained in production since the 1997 model year; it is currently in its third model generation.

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2006 expedition king ranch 5.4. 3 valve

Was having problems with misfires I replaced the spark plugs and all the coils and cleaned the throttle body now I’m in Failsafe mode it’s got 7 codes now cam sensor both sides ,mass air , o2 sensor both sides upper , throttle what do I do now

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What spark plugs did you use? Brand and model?

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motorcraft plugs


fail safe code came on truck will not start


Make sure you use the same spark plugs that came from the factory. It can cause run problems with the wrong plugs. Make sure you have the correct plugs and erase the trouble codes and see if it will start. If it starts see what codes come up. If it doesn't start see what codes come up. Message me back with the codes and let me know if it started or not.


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