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Veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016. Modelbezeichnung 1660, 1778. Verfügbar in den Versionen: GSM oder CDMA / 32, 128 oder 256GB / Rosé Gold, Gold, Silber, Mattschwarz oder Hochglanz-Schwarz

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NO Touch ID, NO pressure sensing - Home Button not working


iPhone 7 after a hard fall does not see home button anymore.

I have a screen with good working home button so I know the home button works but when i attach screen the home button not works. NO touch ID, no Pressure sensing nothing….

Can someone point me in the direction what to check on the PCB board please? Thank you.

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From the 7 series up you cannot replace the home button with another one. It will not work unless it is a universal home button. If it is not a universal home button it will not function for anything it will only be cosmetic. There are two main reasons your home button has stopped functioning.

1.       The home button assembly has been damaged.

2.       The home button flex assembly on the screen has been damaged.

I doubt there would be a faulty component on the logic board.

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No other home button will return touch ID functionality other than the original home button that came with your phone.

Does the button look damaged? If not, it could be the cable or connector that plugs into the home button is damaged. This isnt usually the case, but it’s worth a shot to remove the original home button from the screen and install it on a new screen to test.

If that does not work, the only option to regain touch ID functionality it to take it to an Apple store. In the past, they have been able to replace the home button and reprogram it to restore touch ID functionality.

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Yes I know that. But The Home button completley not working.. if I press or tap on it does not return to the home screen. Assistive touch Automatically scwitching on


If you took another home button from another phone the Touch ID will not work but any other functionality of the Home button will work. But in my case nothing happening. Thats why I assume there is a problem on the PCB


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