Just happened, image has become static garbage

DSE 6 Head Nicam/A2 Hi-Fi Stero G1681

I have recently returned to the joys of watching VHS. I have been using this machine for 5 moths without any problems. I had taken it apart and cleaned out dust and heads etc about two months ago.

Have been using it more and more frequently, then last time I tried to play a video all I got was a brief moment of static and then black screen. 

I tried a couple of other tapes that I have watched to make sure and I get the same thing.

I do get little burts of audio sometimes while the taoe plays but thats also missing 99% of the time.

I tried other cables and all sockets are firm.

I cleaned heads.

I have opened machine, visual check of parts, no dodgy looking capacitors, and a tape loading and playing.

Always same thing.

I'm lost..any ideas would be appreciated.

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