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Laptop released by Acer, Nitro 5 includes 8 GB ram, expandable up to 32 GB with the proper hardware.

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Why is my fan so loud?

My fan is SUPER loud, because its always running as high as it can … I can adjust the cool boost, the CPU and the GPU individually, and nothing makes a difference. I also run my laptop with a fan pad underneath and it doesnt matter. Its not overheating or anything ….. just acts like it is. And it doesnt matter where the CPU is running at … everything is smooth and running as it should, with all games cranked and all …… the noise has me in tears some nights because I cant hear people over discord comfortably. Please help me! My last Nitro 5 was SO quiet, and this stupid new condensed model is driving me nuts

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Have you tried to adjust the fan control to auto or custom? Try having CoolBoost off and adjust to a lower manual fan control.


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Gaming laptops tend to be loud by nature due to the higher TDP CPUs and high end GPUs - there is no way around it unless you split the load with dual fans. Acer does use dual fans, but they don’t dedicate one fan to the CPU and one for the GPU, so they run into the same issue as you do with one fan.

What can sometimes be done to help the situation is to use a quality thermal paste like Artic MX-4, but if you just got the laptop brand new and nobody else has used it, it’s not something you should really do until the 3-4 year mark unless you have issues within the first 1-2 years with the laptop. The only time you mess with it right away (or after the return period) is if you bought the laptop used and do not know if it’s been done, and you want to be sure.

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clean your acer nitro 5 fans, it will be so good. I once had that problem and after I clean my fans from all dusts ; it becomes super quiet.

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I have Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53-52FA and one of the fans was making horrible noise. Using the NitroSense app I determined it was a problem with the GPU fan. I opened the case, sure enough it was very dirty. But cleaning it did not resolve the noise problem. I took a chance and decided to disconnect the GPU fan. It worked out beautifully, the CPU fan is sufficient to keep the laptop cool and quiet. Temperature stays about 72c on CPU and 46c on GPU. However please do not disconnect both fans, I tried it briefly and the CPU will overheat and shutdown.

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