No red or green light?

Although I will admit the logic board was already showing signs of malfunctioning when I did the following my experience has been even when the logic board goes bad You still have a red/green when You plug in a power cord.

After I connected the 2 wires together on an old power cord without the box that connects them I immediately heard what sounded like an electrical power surge. The second I opened the laptop and removed the logic board I could see the black all around the$10 magsafe that connects to the logic board. I already replaced the$10 part;. hoping that would resolve the problem and I would at least see the light when I plugged in the new power cord. Unfortunately there is still no signe of any red or green light.

What did I do to my beloved Macbook Pro Laptop? Do I need to replace the keyboard also? Those are the ONLY 3 parts that control the power to the laptop.

Any suggestions?

Rob Schmidt

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I should mention even when I plug the power cord into the $10 part by itself I still get no indicator light. I am wondering if I may have purchased a defective part.


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