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Self-priming automatic electric pumps with helical gears, produced by Marco.

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Pump in alarm after 40 sec

This weekend the pump was installed and it appears that after 40 seconds the pump goes into alarm? We have checked everything carefully, water supply OK, venting OK?

When the pump goes into alarm, the yellow and blue light flashes, which alarm is that ???

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Hi @patrickdl ,

What is the model number of the pump and what is it connected to?



Model nr.: 16468115

The pump is connected in a boat at 12V .

After 40 sec running it stops and give the alarm yellow , green / bleu light , after reset it works again .

You want to take shower it stops again ?

Regards ,



Elektronische drinkwaterpomp UP12 / E

Punt nr .: 52205

Model nr.: 16468115

EAN / productcode: 8022278609626


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Hi @patrickdl ,

I assume that it is a Marco UP12E, is this correct? According to p.12 of the user manual there are two warnings that use both LEDs. One says that:

Yellow and blue LED that blink together indicate that the power supply is providing the wrong voltage. Please check to have the correct wire section for the power supply and a charged battery, if present.

See table on p.13 regarding the wiring specifications If the wiring is not adequate there may not be the correct voltage at the pump terminals.

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