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Is this RAM Apple OEM? Black PCB

Block Image

Block Image

I purchased this RAM used for diagnostic purposes since I do not have any established DDR3L (and I can put this to good use so I'm not wasting it once I'm done with what I need it for) but I'm not sure if this is Apple OEM or retail modules that just happen to be black. I suspect it's Apple RAM based on the PCB, but I also know black RAM is available open market now.

Is this look like OEM Apple (no warranty) or retail Micron with a warranty?

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@nick as I am finding out I am getting old. I am a bit confused by your question. The memory modules are Micron. It is my understanding that Apple does not produce their RAM but buys it from multiple suppliers. The most common I see are Micron and Samsung with Hynix and IBM in the past. Let me know if I missed something. As for warranty etc., Micron’s retail brand name is Crucial Technology, their products carry a 3 Year or limited lifetime warrant

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Yeah I wrote this on my lunch so I rushed it. I was wondering if the black PCB is a clue if it's Apple OEM or retail black modules.


Depending on the years Apple has used green SO-DIMM's as well. I wouldn't to much stock on the color being the clue.

I'm sure you'll need to prove purchase to get them replaced under Micron's warranty.


@danj Yeah they came from eBay because I was having trouble with Sims 3 on my IGP E6440 W/O GPU since it's a DDR3L required platform (Haswell). Hopefully they don't ask but I negotiated them down so I can eat the cost.

I have vetted 1.5V but had no vetted 1.3V DDR3L. I've seen people try 1.5V and the machines don't even try - you get the RAM POST error. I've made the error before myself and they stop running very early on in POST until it's fixed.


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Yes, it can be OEM but only in the 2012 machines.

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