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Repair information and disassembly guides for laptops manufactured by Haier.

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What is the price of lcd

Hey!actually my haier y11b laptop screen suddenly changed in to half white although the laptop work properly but half of its screen changed into white so can you please tell me what's the price of its lcd

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My laptop screen is broken can u tell me the price


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Depends on if it is LVDS or IDP - it’s hard to tell with some of these laptops, sad to say. Pull your old screen out, and check the model number to see if it is LVDS or IDP - I’m in the States so I know a little bit about these, but not too much. Over here, HP/Dell/Lenovo reigns king in Corporate America so I know them better because I will probably get an Intel or Ryzen HP EliteBook over a Haier).

so that's where I get the bulk of my knowledge with secondhand enterprise). I'm not 100% positive with the Y11B, but I know a lot of these budget laptops use LVDS LCD panels at 768p, so it's usually 30 or 40-pin. Being a PM scheme laptop leans more into my guess of the type.

If it is, one possible pull source could be a Stream 11 screen being the "cheap HP" for such cases in the US (or a near equivalent when it's done as they no longer sell those things, FINALLY). Likely the same LVDS 768p LCD. Even better if you can get a dead donor Y11b or even a dead Stream 11 if the parts match; you likely have a match. HOWEVER, HP loves taping the bezel so you need to use care on the initial removal if you intend to swap the LCD on a virgin.

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My Haier 32 inch lcd screen broken plz tell m repair charges

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