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Philips HR1861 - Change Coupling

Hello Guys,

I have this juicer (Philips HR1861) and I want to open it (after 10 or so years of usage) and clean it inside. The take apart is not so hard, just classic philips head screws, but I need to take off the coupling from the motor shaft so I can take out the last piece of plastic to clean it from fruit juice. How am I able to achieve it? Just asking before I will do it, dont want to bend the shaft using brute force.

This is the coupling on the shaft, but no clue how to remove it.

Block Image

I was also able to find “service manual” for the product, but it says no problems in dissasembly. Contacted Phillips and I was willing to pay and sign paper, that they are not guilty of anything misdone by me or that they are not responsible if I get electric shock, they did not wanted to hear about it.



Petr Sourek

Update (11/01/2020)

Thanks for the answer, that would explain the flathead groove on the oposite part of the motor’s shaft, but I had tried to unscrew it counterclokwise and maybe I did not use much of a strength.

Block Image

But then I looked for spare coupling and found out how it looks from bottom and I dont see any thread there, so I was confused.

Block Image

But anyway, thanks for reply, I will try to unscrew it with bigger strength.

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@djmanas looks like it is screwed on. This should be a counter clock wise thread because of the normal rotation of the blade. Use a small hammer and something like a small chisel/drive pin (or a screwdriver) and tap it in a CCW direction

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Ok, I am sorry, I had finally got time to get to it and tried to unscrew the coupling, but without luck.

I am wondering, are they using some kind of locktite, so I should preheat it before?


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