Why does my VCR not ouput either the menu or any video on screen?

I had video output until I took it apart to replace a dry - rotted drive belt. Had used some Goo -Gone to clean up all the greasy residue. Put unit back together , now rolls the tape and so forth, but now won’t display anything on screen. Also no sound. No output to TV at all. Can’t get the AV on my TV to detect the machine at all now, though my other VCR will show up on my set hooked up the same way as this one, which had worked before I took it apart. Took it apart because it wasn’t playing, just shutting off after a few seconds, not ejecting properly, and leaving the tape unwound inside the machine that I had to work out of the opening. Mechanically it now works fine after replacing the belt, but no video output,no menu or blue screen. Thanks.

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By the way this is an RCA VR618HF machine, very similar to their VR615HF , almost physical twins, probably similar inside as well. Just bought this machine off ebay, having gotten it only yesterday. Was hoping to not have to send it back, because it's probably a minor component failure, but then, who knows? Maybe the microprocessor failed, I guess RCA isn't the brand it used to be, think this unit was built in 1996. Had the same problem with another of this model back then, had to take it to a repair shop, because even after having ordered a service manual I couldn't pinpoint anything in the schematics. Now I don't even think it is easy to find a repair book or books . If I remenber it was two books. Thanks.


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