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14" business laptop released in 2014. One of the first Haswell business laptops on the market.

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When will the parts shortage clear up?

As you can guess being an older business laptop, the battery I got with it isn’t dead yet, but it’s beginning to have accuracy issues I can no longer meaningfully correct as they keep coming back. Since it’s not quite dead *yet* (but showing it’s age), I may need to start trying to find a replacement pack soon with how worn out it is. The problem is it’s so hard to find parts - including laptop batteries. I did get the system pre remote learning shortage, so I've had it for a little while at this point. Here’s how worn out this battery is:

Block Image

I know I’m probably almost due to replace the battery, but how long does it look like I have before it’s too far gone? I’m hoping I can at least get through the shortage since it’s going to be hard to find a replacement right now, but I'm not sure if that will happen. What I am hoping is I’ll get just enough extra time out of it I can ride through the component shortages, but what are the odds?

I know I got 554 cycles out of one of these NX31D packs before, but I did it because I had the battery from the time the machine was new to me, to the day it was too far gone. I do not anticipate another over 500 cycle battery here, since it’s so worn out with 329 cycles.

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I have no idea when the part shortage may end, may be a few months, may go on for ever, your best option now is to just pick up a cheap chromebook or something like an HP stream 11

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