MacBook Pro A1989 trackpad (and now keyboard issue) please read

My macbook pro trackpad was broken (cracked and had super on it) so I ordered a replacement part and cable from a website an experienced friend said he trusted (so i’m not sure poor parts are the issue here). I tried to replace my trackpad, and in doing so replaced the trackpad cable with a new one.

When trying to start up the macbook after the track felt like it was on fire, was unable to touch it. I then opened the mac back up and it looks like there was a short and a part of the connection from cable to trackpad is melted.

Now when booting my mac the keyboard doesn’t work either?

Please advise, or give pointers what I need to do to get everything working :)

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We need to see the touchpad cable connector as well as the logic board connector. I fear you might have damaged the pins. We need a nice set of images to see the fine details. You'll want a tripod and good lighting Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen.


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