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Released February 2018. Dell Inspiron 14-5482 features a 14.0" HD screen and Intel i7 core.

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Charger needs to be put in a few times or rotated a bit to work.

Charger needs to be put in a few times or rotated a bit to work. Any idea why this may occur or how to fix it? Nothing appears wrong with the charger or port, but there is obviously an issue somewhere.

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Start with a new GENUINE power adapter and see if that resolves the issue first - a lot of the time, it’s just a bad charger. If that doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to replace the power jack.

On many of these newer Insprion models, the procedure to change the power jack is easy enough if you’re comfortable inside a computer, you can do it yourself. You can find the part here, and the service manual here.

Just a few years ago before Haswell, it was a crapshoot - some were easy, others were okay and some were awful. The new ones are a 15-20 minute job for anyone who knows what they’re doing, while they could be a genuine nightmare on many of the older ones - even IF you know how.

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Clean the connectors using a pure alcohol and a Q-Tip.

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