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The TI-83 Plus is a graphing calculator released in 1999 as an upgrade to the TI-83.

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Calculator no longer working after opening it up

Hello I tried to clean the keyboards of my calculator by taking apart according to YouTube but when I put it back together the screen just goes in and out sometimes and shows a lot of lines but nothing clear. I remember I had to pull back the thin metal or aluminum sheet to get to the keys but I put it back. Should there be anything specific to look at when I open it to see why it’s doing that?

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It sounds like you may have damaged the ribbon cable for the screen. I'd suggest checking that all the traces are working: https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic... . Ribbon cable failure is pretty common so yours may have been about to break anyways, moving it around just accelerated the break.

Just so you know, you don't need the foil for the calculator to function, it's just emf shielding for FCC regulations.

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