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Repair guides and support for all-in-one washer and dryer assemblies as well as stacked units.

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I cancelled mid cycle now door is locked, water trapped, can’t restart

Hi, I have a stackable washer dryer. It’s an Electrolux the washer is model #eflw317tiw2

the dryer is model #elde317tiw2

my issue is I stopped the cancelled the cycle mid cycle on the clean machine cycle and I have been unable to get it restarted. It has water in the drum and the door is locked. Can anyone help me trouble shoot this. There has got to be a way to get this machine to empty or run a rinse and spin. Stupidly I changed the setting it was on from clean machine which is probably what sealed the deal. Now it has no setting when you turn it on.. it just shows the door is locked. Iwas trying to change it to rinse and spin once I had cancelled it and yes I did cancel the cycle. Or I thought I did.

Any help would be SO APPRECIATED. This is a brand new machine in July. It take a years for maintenance to come fix things where I live and if they have to call for service on this it will be weeks.

Blue skies. Heather

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Hi @mommynothome ,

Have you tried disconnecting the power from the washer/dryer for about 5 minutes and then reconnecting it to see if this reset it and it can be opened, you didn’t say?


I did this. I plugged it back in and it was powered on. Still locked and still not draining going on 10 minutes.


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This is from the user manual:

"To lock the controls between cycles, scroll to the control lock option and press select. The control lock icon will show on the LED display. To unlock the controls scroll to the control lock option again and press select"

Did you try this?

iFixit Staff Suggestion. The answer above is very helpful, but in case you need more information, here's a link to a page which will help you get the door or lid open and then find a solution.

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@jayeff Solved! You are my hero! Thank you so much! Btw I’d mark accepted but I can’t figure out how though I just searched for how.? Please tell me so I can credit you! I’m So grateful for your help I can say Thank you enough.



I switched my comment to an answer and your last comment to a comment to my answer, so now you should be able to Accept my answer as the solution to the problem.



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