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2,3GHz, 2,6GHz oder 2,7GHz Quadcore Intel Core i7 Prozessor (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,7GHz) mit 6MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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Can I switch 2.3Ghz/8Gb RAM LB and replace it with a 2.6/16GB RAM LB?

A friend wants to replace the 8Gb RAM board for a 16GB Ram board, Are they similar enough in layout for me to order a 16gBRAM board same year and drop it into this carcass?

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While you could do that, finding a board will be a bit of a hunt! The i7 2.6 GHz 16GB logic board for this system is one of the rarest boards as it was so desirable as an upgrade years ago. Keep in mind the cost $650!

Consider looking for a used system which is newer! If you can find one get a 2015 model would be a good investment.

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Thank you for your tip Dan. I did not want to make assumptions regarding the ability to install another LB of the same vintage. But you seem to be confident that I can even install a board which is much more recent...From your experience you have found that I could install a 2014/15 board in there? And what about compatibility with the 2012/early 2013 LCD? I know that those Screens are NOT the same as the late 2013-2015. Another alternative for my buddy was to repair the board which has intermittent blackouts.He suggested to reflow U8900, which I could do, but am reluctant to undertake.The board is very clean, I see no smurf dung anywhere. But to test for disconnects in an intermittent issue is beyond me....Should I do the reflow and see if it helps? I did it one on bad ram in an Air and it succeeded. What would you do?


To clarify new system not different logic board! Look at Craigs list, I saw a 2015 15" with dual graphics in great shape for $500. A much better investment!


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