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HP Photosmart printer introduced in 2010. This printer is considered ePrint capable. Has a card reader that supports Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo, MultiMediaCard (MMC), MMC Plus, Secure MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital (SD), SDHC. An adapter is required for MMC Mobile, Secure Digital Mini, and MicroSD cards. This printer uses a 4 color semi permanent printhead.

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Printer gives an error message of " ink system failure"

Printer gives and error of “ink system failure” but I have changed the print head and still nothing I have tried will allow the printer to function. It was suggested that I get a reset cartilage that retailers are not able to sale to see if someone would give me one and try to see if this would reset the printer.

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This generally happens due to the waste ink getting behind the contacts on the printer, or a failed printhead. Generally speaking if the printhead has an electrical issue, the printer is better off scrapped due to the risk of used printheads having the same issue and new ones being way too expensive. Sometimes you can clean them and get it back to a working state, but not every single time. Consumer grade printers like this tend to be disposable and poorly made, so if you break it don't sweat it - it's usually a underlying issue the repair attempt exposed.

I had one until the touchscreen had an issue, so you can see how to clean it here. It fixed mine and it was close enough to 100% I never noticed additional issues but you may never fix it 100% if it's severely clogged - you may only be able to recover 90% of the original print quality for example.

WARNING: Make sure you follow my instructions on the bypass correctly, or you’ll waste A LOT OF INK! 1/4 (HP 564 XL) or 1/2 (HP 564 standard). If you aren’t sure if you can do it, buy a “burner” set of ink.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback on my printer, but after following your directions step by step, I was still getting a print head error. I ordered a different Print head and install it following the directions, and now I get an error that reads on the printer disploy that I still have a print head issue along with an error that reads "Remove all Cartridges, next lift black latch and remove print head. Then reinstall Print head and cartridges" I have completed this step three times as well as unplug the printer and plug it back in again, but still no results. Do you think my printer may be cannot be fixed?

Thanks for responding


@Mary L. Bartell If the contacts in the printer are clean, that's usually a install issue, or electrical issues with the printer.


It;s install correctly. Not sure what you mean about the electrical issues.


@Mary L. Bartell Electrical issues being printer side issues, rather then printhead issues.


Ok, I will have to figure that out. Having a problem finding a local service repair shop to look at my printer.


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