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Die zweite Generation des 11 Zoll iPad Pro erschien im März 2020 mit den Modellnummern A2228, A2068, A2230, and A2231.

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Broken key on iPad Pro 11” Magic Keyboard

Hi Friends,

I’m super frustrated as I have a key which needs replacing on a Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro 11” 2nd gen. The key is “}]”, the plastic hinge piece of the key broke. Unfortunately, Apple said they would need to replace the entire unit to fix the one key which would cost $200+.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement part for it? It would be super easy to replace if I can find the part.

Thanks in advance!

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hello Paul,

there are many websites that offer buttons and whole mechanisms for keyboards. I have already mentioned many of them myself (my sons and roblox :-) you know what I mean). The cost is small, a few dollars. Replacing them is quite easy, basically a small flat screwdriver or a small teaspoon is enough. Using Google, I found over 100 working sites that dealt with a similar problem. Take a picture and send it by e-mail - someone will answer.

  • regards,

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I have this same problem and find it impossible to find replacement keycaps. I did find these on sale on Alibaba but only in bulk buy (minimum 10 full units). It is most vexing.


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Did you try it out? Also, is this for the 11" or 12.9"? Thanks!


So whoever OP talked to at Apple 100% did not tell the truth (either because they didn't know or because they didn't care). They can absolutely get replacement keycaps as well as the the scissor mechanisms for these keyboards (Source: I work for an AASP and can literally go ask our purchasing guy to order me these right now).

And hate saying, try asking at your local Apple Store or Authorized Service provider, but I am also not seeing much in the way of replacement keycaps for these, especially the 11 inch model. Although, my instinct is that some of the keycaps for the 12.9" may work, since I think the main difference is just that some of the keys are larger (keys towards the edges, like tab, caps lock, shift, etc....). But i cannot say that for certain.


Sadly not. 10 units comes in at £200 which is more than I can buy a second hand keyboard for. I suppose I could try selling them on. I’m watching eBay and Gumtree to see if anybody wants to sell a matching broken keyboard.


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