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Released on June 23, 1996, Model NUS-001, 64-bit gaming console

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I tried everything and my Nintendo 64 won’t appear on screen

So I have 3 nintendo 64s, one that was locked in storage years ago, another that was preserved, and the third one was a gift thats a collectors item.

Anyways I decided I wanted to play some of my old games, and to my surprise no picture. Whats weird the light still comes on, and they look in well kept condition. So i thought to myself maybe it might be the av cables, I ended up buying 3 different kind, so I thought it might be my tv. I ended up buying an AV2HDMI AND STILL NO PICTURE. I’ve tried 3 different tvs, and still nothing. I even picked up a few games to test if it was the console, and nothing. Then I started watching YouTube videos, I’ve cleaned the cartridges and the console, I’m at my wits end, AND STILL NOTHING. I would understand one console not working, two maybe, BUT THREE! Anyways I finally just decided maybe I turn to help by asking here, and hoping for a response. So I’m open to thoughts.

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I finally fixed it, I might need to clean the games tho. So what I did was the credit card method, change tvs, and spray a bit WD40, and boom finally working.

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Glad to hear that, enjoy your games and wish you a happy new year!


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If neither cleaning the game cartridge nor cleaning the cartridge slot not work, you will need to inspect the pins that connect the cartridge slot to the motherboard to see if there are any broken connections.

Kindly check out Nintendo 64 Troubleshooting by ifixit below.

Nintendo 64 Troubleshooting

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