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Released in 2017, the Dell Inspiron 5570 is a 15-inch laptop with an Intel processor inside paired with a discrete AMD graphics card. It is also referred to as the "Inspiron 15 5570."

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How do you fix PC not detecting the headphones in control panel?

The other day, I had just gotten a Razer Kraken X headset. Once I plugged the headset jack into the PC audio jack, sound came through the headphones. Nothing was wrong so far. I then wanted to test out the headset mic, so I joined a couple of my friends in a discord voice chat call. When I checked the voice settings, I only saw the built in mic (the PC’s built in mic not the headset’s) available as an input audio device. Figuring out this must be a bug, I made my way over to the Sound Control panel within my settings. There was NO headphones option for playback nor recording devices. I have tried reinstalling Realtek Audio, updating it, troubleshooting it, and researching problems that might’ve occurred. Nothing seemed to fix it. I later came across a conclusion to disable front panel audio jack detection, but in order to do that, I would have to have Realtek HD audio manager. I searched through my control panel and even tried opening it up through cmd prompt but still couldn’t find it. When I plug the headset in, the headphones icon does NOT pop up in the Sound Control panel. I think it is some sort of software issue and not a physical one. I can provide screen shots.

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I don’t know man!!!!!


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Hi @albertunstein

Did you mean that you checked that the PC is configured to use the correct recording device under Control Panel > Sound > Recording and there was no option there?

Here’s how to find Realtek Audio manager:

Go to C:\Program Files > Realtek > Audio > HDA > RtHDVCpl.exe. If it is there, select it and double-click it, the Realtek HD Audio Manager should open.

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RtHDVCpl.exe did not show up.








These were the only options available when I followed your steps.



Strange that it is not there as it should be included when you uninstalled the audio drivers in Device Manager, restarted the laptop and let Windows find and reinstall the audio drivers in Device Manager.

If still not there when trying this search online for "RtHDVCpl.exe download" and the copy it to the folder location as above and then double click it and check if it opens OK


Can you provide a download link/file for RtHDVCpl.exe? I can't find it for my OS.



Just verifying that you updated the latest audio drivers from here, is this correct? Click on Category > Audio

Alternatively try here

RtHDVCpl.exe should be in there as part of the download


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