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High CPU temps while idle

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I have Arctic MX-4 on this computer.

I have TG pro and Macs Fan Control. TG Pro is a little confusing and honestly it doesn’t work better than Macs Fan Control.

So I have replaced the thermal paste twice with the same paste now. I’m having like a hard time to make this time stay under 65C when browsing the internet using Safari. Im thinking about using Grizzly’s Kryonaut.

What’s the regular temps for this thing? I not sure if my heatsink has gone bad. Maybe?

I made sure that to tighten the screws correctly on his heatsink. Maybe I should buy new paste and a new heatsink and see what’s up.

What do you guys recommend?

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What do you find confusing with TG Pro?

I find it much easier to set thresholds and it's easier to read, offers a high water mark, and it offers logging!


@pigoath - How about posting a snapshot of TG Pro so we can see what you're facing Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


@danj The fan speeds are not going up after I set it up.


@pigoath - I need to see the sensors at the bottom that got cut off (heat sink proximity). Can you take a second set of captures top and bottom at the same time point.


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Turn of the pc and remove heat sink and fan. Carefully clean heat sink as well as fan with iso-propyl. See this guid for cleaning : https://www.ifixit.com/News/36877/ask-if....

Let it dry completely and use metallic paste on it. A good heat sink paste contains tiny metal particles to absorb and transfer the heat.

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@elviswhite - You have the right idea on using isopropyl alcohol.

But! Using liquid metal TIM is a very bad idea!

There is too much risk in damage in using these thermal solutions in any system who's CPU is not laying flat all of the time, laptops more so! Over time the liquid metal will drip down and they are corrosive!

I've had to tell a few people they destroyed their laptops. Stick with the standard non-conductive and non-corrosive TIM's. I find most people over do the quantity getting it all over the carrier substrate (green part) and the SMT devices which can mess you up!


@danj oh yes, you are right, liquid metal is not a good idea. I saw somewhere is the computer shop, they have used something hard paste. I don't know the name but that was really good.


@elviswhite - For most Arctic Silver Thermal Paste is just fine! I've used it for years with great success. If you are a Pro who is pushing their system extremely hard then I would go with Grizzly’s Kryonaut as it gives you a degree more in performance.

With either I strongly recommend using a good thermal monitoring app like TG Pro More so with anyone pushing there system hard.

But that's not it!

If I hand you a gun it can feed you or kill you or someone dear to you! The skills in using it and proper handling and storing it are just as important.

So what does that have to do with TIM??

You can put too little as well as too much on the needed surfaces. You can also damage your system if you are careless in how to properly tighten the mount screws.

You also maybe trying to fix the wrong problem! It maybe the heat sink failed needing replacement.

Which is why you need to properly diagnose things before you alter things.


I added a picture of my temps with TG Pro.


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