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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zur Demontage des MacBook Pro 16", das im November 2019 auf den Markt kam.

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Where can I get lower case screws for MacBook Pro 16?

I took off lower case to check for water damage while on vacation and forgot to put the screws back in and they are lost/gone … I have searched high and low and cannot find anyone selling the 4 x P5 3.7mm and 2 x P5 7.3mm screws. Any ideas?

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Here’s one source, Sadly they are expensive! You’ll want to verify the sizes with them to be sure. I haven’t used them so let us know how it went.

4mm Pentalobe screws:

7mm Pentalobe screws:

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Thanks for that Dan. Those part number appear to be for other MacBook pro models though the sizes are not listed on that site. When I cross-reference against fixit guides, they aren't exactly the right size. eg. P/N 923-01516 is a 6.6mm screw according to fixit 15" repair guide. Of course, that might be good enough I suppose.

More generally speaking, how do you find these things? The part descriptors are very vague and don't actually identify the screw sizes, just what models they are for. (and again, none of them say they are for the 2019 16" ...)


I had to do a bit of sleuthing!

I'll admit I don't have a system to measure the screws directly. I also know Apple has a bit of tolerance in their measures. Most of Apple's screws are even sizes I don't think the point X difference is correct (a point 5 is about all Apple will do)


Yeah that's what I figured - so the 4mm and 7mm will likely work. I will keep looking though. The case is actually pretty solidly attached with the clips so the screws aren't necessary for immediately use. Thanks!


@nquerysol - If you're set don't forget to score tha answer and accept it - Thanks!


Hi, I think I found possible correct P/N's, but I only see them listed on one site and out of stock ...




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