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Released in 2017, the Dell Inspiron 5570 is a 15-inch laptop with an Intel processor inside paired with a discrete AMD graphics card. It is also referred to as the "Inspiron 15 5570."

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Why does my pc get stuck on the dell logo

When I turn on my pc it get stuck on the dell logo and says scanning and repairing drive (c:volume……)100% and it stays on the same drive not changing and about four hours later it blue screens

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Is it the original hard drive, or an SSD? If it’s HDD based on the original drive, Dell typically uses Seagate on a lot of their systems (although I HAVE SEEN OEM WD drives but they are rare compared to Seagate). With Win8 and Win10, constant boot time filesystem repairs usually point to a dying drive - especially multiple occurances. If it gets stuck, that’s a large red flag on its own - odds are even worse with a boot screen BSOD - unlike back before Win8 and UEFI you could use and abuse a dying drive until it died - now they freak out early. This DOES NOT MEAN THE DRIVE WILL DIE OVERNIGHT, but it’s generally on borrowed time before it never boots to Windows again and then fails! If you can’t do it now, brace for failure and make regular backups in case it drops dead with no warning. I’ve personally never seen one of these go beyond a few boot filesystem repairs before they stop booting because there’s too much damage due to the drive failing which tends to be unrepairable.

Replace the drive with a 240/250 or 500/512GB SSD while it works. With these, remove the bottom screws and replace the original drive. The service manual can be found here. Sometimes it’s due to a “dirty” install (I’ve seen this on my E6440 with an SSD I started on 7 and moved to 10) and a reinstall fixes it, but that’s usually only the case on a new drive. The issue is if it’s on the original Seagate drive with these Dells and it’s not low hour it’s a 50/50 chance against you, so I usually replace the drive as a precaution if it’s my laptop (or when it changes hands). However, if someone wants to try I DO warn them it rarely helps if the drive is older and will eventually happen again or fail.

Many of these “problematic” Seagates have 10-20k+ hours on them unless it was only used by someone who owned it for a just in case system and they tend to break down after they hit the 10-20k hour count (or have severe performance degradation), or 4-5 years from printed DOM whichever comes around first. Seagate isn’t what they used to be - those days ended with the 7200.11/7.01/DM001, which put them on my bad list PERMANENTLY. I would not hesitate to change the drive out on one of these older but commonly Seagate Dells if it came with the system just because I know they have problems and they’re ticking time bombs waiting to fail.

If the machine is under warranty (highly unlikely) keep it for warranty purposes otherwise if you want to destroy the old drive with something like a shotgun go for it - shouldn’t need more than a few shots to finish it off ;).

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Thanks I replaced it and it is working now thnx


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