Battery is full but Mac says 'Replace Now'


I’m using a third party replacement battery, after a previous replacement battery bloated. It worked great for a few days, and I put the Mac to sleep.

A few days later…

  • The side indicator doesn’t light up at all, and it won’t power up
  • On charger, coconut battery says it’s 100% (capacity 7188), and side indicator button shows full power.

Block Image

  • Coconut battery says the battery condition is poor, and the Mac says ‘replace now’
  • When I unplug the charger, the Mac goes dead immediately.

Any idea what’s wrong?

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Can you post a snapshot of CoconutBattery so we can see what its telling you Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen. Make sure the MagSafe charger is plugged in and the system is under charge.

Its possible the battery is bad or something more I would need to see the snapshot


Thanks Dan. Uploaded a pic of the coconut battery reading.


@clim57 - I guess I'm a bit confused the MagSafe LED is not lit? Or is it Amber or Green?

But the onboard battery checker shows 10 bright little Green LED's when you press the button. Is that correct?


@danj the MagSafe Led is green when I plug in, and the onboard battery checker’s 10 little green LEDs light up.

That’s correct.


I suggest try resetting SMC. SMC: press left shift, left control, left option, and press the power button all at the same time. The Magsafe 1 light should change from amber to green than back to amber if done right.


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