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Das Motorola Moto Z2 Force wurde im Juli 2017 mit der Modellnummer XT1789 veröffentlicht. Das Moto Z2 Force ist ein auf Android basierendes Mobiltelefon und ein Update des bereits existierenden Moto Z2 Play Smartphones.

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Does the screen replacement in the aricle fix the digitizer issue?

According to a repair shop my Motoz2 force screen frame separated which also caused the digitizer to mess up. So my question is simply if this artice resolves that issue or do I need to buy a digitizer replacement part and look for further help?

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what article are you refering to??


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I assume you’re referencing the Ifixit screen replacement guide. Normally a display assembly contains everything, being the front glass panel, LCD display and the digitiser to register your touch. The repair shop might have been trying to only fix the broken glass panel (if you LCD & Digitiser were okay) but came to the conclusion that also the digitiser is broken.

So indeed, if you are able to source a complete display assembly, the digitiser issue will be fixed.

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