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PS4 pro strange PSU behaviour


Just a few days ago I was playing The Crew 2 on my PS4 Pro (2018) and after like 2 hours I started to hear some strange instant clicking. The game itself was totally fine, then after 30 mins I turned off the console and it was not turning on back. Just single beep and blue light for 1 sec.

I unplugged it from the electricity, left for 5 mins, it started. When I turned off again and then was not able to start it at all - same single beep and blue light for 1 sec.

Yesterday I was able to start it several times, but that sound was immediately there. Then I disassemble the console and extracted the PSU, removed all the dust which was there (not much). After that the console was starting fine and not making any noise.

But in the evening I was watching a movie on it, after 1.5 hours it started clicking again and when I turned it off, it never turned on again,

Today I made the video, now the behavior is the following: it starts fine, no noise, but when I start the game the sound is immediately there. If I exit the game, the sound gone.

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vyzp_z4...

Is PSU dying? Can I use the console like that (because if it is started, no issues visible at all) and should I already order a new PSU?

BTW I am pretty sure the sound goes from the PSU as I stopped the fun with my hand and the sound was still there.

Thanks in advance.

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First of all, great job on troubleshooting and testing different things!

The power supply units of the PS4 are known to have some issues like you describe. The sound does indeed seem to come from the power supply, meaning some of the components could be starting to fail. So either try to find a cheap second hand unit to steal the power supply from, or order it from a shop that carries it.

There is a detailed PlayStation 4 Pro Power Supply Unit Replacement guide to help you with the replacement once you got it.

PS: Next time don’t stop the fan with your hand but rather try unplugging it. Blocking a fan can damage it.

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Thank you very much for your answer!

So it is not safe to use the console now?

I found one PSU here: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/gp/product/B0...

and in the title it is "PS4 PRO CUH-7115(ADP-300ER) models."

I have 7108B model number, but checked the PSU itself and it is ADP-300ER. So the model name of the PS4 itself does not matter, just the PSU model matters, right?


@Maks Vorontsov I would say "better safe then sorry", if the PSU decides to gives up and creates a short, it might damage the main motherboard. If the PSU numbers match you should be okay. Anyway if it does happen to be wrong you can return the item :)


Ok, thank you very much. Ordered new one, let's see. I will post a comment as soon as install a new one.


Good luck and keep us posted :-) the repair is not that difficult, and since you already opened up your PS4, I think the replacement won't be a problem ;-)



So I replaced the PSU yesterday, played like an hour and it is working fine – no more sounds. Seems the problem is solved :)

Thank you for your help


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