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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zur Demontage des MacBook Pro 16", das im November 2019 auf den Markt kam.

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Battery swelling and nowhere to find replacement battery

I been using my macbook for 6 months and started noticing my battery got swollen 2 months ago even thought it’s new and unfortunate thing is i have no way to give it to apple care since i live in mongolia and need to wait till covid restrictions goes down to ship it to authorized places that can fix this free cuz this machine still under warranty so i’m out of choices but get it services here maybe remove the battery and power it only using usb-c charger for now, there are some macbook 2018 15 inch battery around my local area that looks like the one in 16 inch and i want to know if it fits and is it compatible with the battery connector and power delivery and such. Thanks.

Update (02/17/2021)

Well, I did get in contact with Apple and they gave me 2 options which I had expected and the reason why I hesitated to even contact them, first option is get it serviced here which would void the warranty but quicker and safer, second option is to ask someone's help overseas and ship my laptop to that person where lives in a country that official Apple services exists. Very bummer.

I live in Mongolia and there's no Apple authorized services here that could replace my battery under warranty. I could ship it to get it repaired but Mongolia is in quarantine with the borders closed, Airlines and Post Offices barely working which why I wanted to pull out the battery ASAP so even battery exploded the rest of the machine would be safe just missing a battery that I could buy for around $150 or $200 instead of smoked up $2400 MacBook Pro with most of the internal stuff damaged and probably won't get any repair but left needing to buy a new one.

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So you really have no options here. The 15” battery is not the same shape and just won’t fit.

So far I haven’t seen any 16” batteries available yet. Even if you find one are you sure the issue is the battery not the logic board?? These newer MacBook Pro’s use a very different charging logic so its possible the charging chip is damaged.

Bottomline you need to contact Apple directly to see what they can do for you. Apple is on the hook here and I wouldn’t waste my money with any other option.as it could cost you more!

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I don't know about charging chip, all i know is battery swelling up and now made a crack on the side it tore off the black paper or whatever its housing it. i feel like it will likely to explode soon and i'm in process of removing the battery asap. I will try contact apple and update on here after i resolve or do something else with it. Thanks.


If you remove the battery you void your warranty! Stop using your system, don't charge it!


Where are you located?? Country and nearest city??

You really don't want to buy a new system again do you ?? As you are getting very close in being forced into doing that!


@Uuganbayar Otgonbayar - What can I say, you are in a difficult place.

Keep the battery outside in a metal bucket of sand away from anything flammable. Don't throw it away hopefully you didn't mark it up badly.

Once the quarantine is lifted take your system and the battery to an authorized Apple repair shop. Take a copy of your Apple incident report and if you haven't take some pictures with a newspaper or other dated matter in the picture so you have proof of your pictures timepoint. Also document the quarantine restrictions as well. That way you have something to stand-on when you go to Apple to get the battery replaced and if your system has further damage it too will be covered under a warranty exception.

Now the hard part! I'm sure they won't honor the warranty, What you'll need to do is push up the food chain to get so someone to authorize the repairs and/or offer a rebate for the costs. You'll likely get a dozen no's before you get a yes! Its worth doing as I'm sure they will charge you an arm and a leg to fix your system.

You may end up needing to write to big Tim (tcook@Apple.com) with your documentation to prove you had no choice in the matter!

I wish you luck, I'm so sorry the stars just weren't in alignment here.


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You're between a rock and, well, Mongolia.

Your warranty is your best course of action.

Don't try frankenstein-ing a repair or you'll void it

Contact Apple, let them know your SHITuation and hopefully they can mark it in their notes so when you ARE able to send it, you're still covered.

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