No data, switch not seem by computer


let me sum up the things.

I have repaired a broken switch (model before 2018).

All was successful, i was happy as it launched binaries like atmosfere and Co.

This was before the drama...

All was working, excepted the touch screen and wifi, not a big deal but i wanted to check what was wrong.

So i checked, and since this day the console don't go anymore in RCM mode (or to be clearer, it seems to be in RCM but not recognized by tegrarcm).

What has been done:

- changed the jig (it works on another console).

- changed the right joycon rail.

- changed USB C cable.

- unplugged all non necessary components (bluetooth, wifi, speakers, game card reader block)

- Cleaned the motherboard with isopropyl alcohol.

- Checked with microscope the usb C plug and cleaned it (it's shining).

- tried with 3 different computers.

The console boots fine in normal mode and works even on a dock.

When plugged with USB C to a computer, the battery is charging.

But when i try to get it in RCM, screen remain black but not recognized in TegraRCM or its DOS counterpart.

When i make the test with my patched console, she goes into RCM and is recognized so the jigs works.

I noticed that the connexion of the right joycon into the motherboard is in bad state (but seems to work as joycon is recognized when plugged to the console).

All help will be welcomed as i am lost with those symptoms.

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