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Das Galaxy Note 10 ist ein Smartphone von Samsung, angekündigt im August 2019

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How can I remove a S-Pen that has been stuck in the device?

I dropped my phone the day my protective case came in the mail, as I was on my way to get the mail (a couple days after receiving my Note 10+ as a long-awaited replacement for another broken phone.)

Since then, my S-Pen has been stuck in the S-Pen slot, and does not “click” and pop out. There is a slight dent in the S-Pen Slot, but after a little bit of light force to bend it back in place to the point that using my 60x lighted handheld loupe I strongly believe the S-Pen should probably be able to escape and that the blockage is coming from further within the S-Pen compartment.

My concern is that the battery in the S-Pen itself, or some aspect of the phone underneath the wireless charger is out of whack. After reviewing your Note 10+ information, and anything I could find on youtube, I did not see anything about how to safely remove the S-Pen’s wireless charger, so that you could then dislodge the S-Pen itself.

With back glass and adhesive being fairly inexpensive I don’t mind popping off the glass at the risk of damaging that to try to get it out, but I don’t want to start digging around without a better idea of how to do it properly.

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If as you say the passageway for the S-Pen is clear, then it more than likely will come out with just a bit of force. Lightly bump the phone against your hand or a table and hopefully the device will come free.

If that doesn’t work, you may be able to try taking the back and screen off the device and seeing if there is any debris or damage to the compartment for the S-Pen, and hopefully be able to revert it.

If all else fails, you can resort to drilling into the pen, sacrificing it’s life, so you can then remove the corpse from the device and replace it.

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