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External USB Camera keeps turning on and off (see video)

I have a Sony camera connected via the elgato camlink stick. Everything worked fine, until I plugged in a multi-usb adapter. Then this strange behaviour you can see in the video occured, forever :(

Here are some logs

Block Image

Block Image

  • Turned off and on
  • Tried another Macbook (same behaviour there, very strange)
  • I reset the SMC and PRam.

Update (03/24/2021)

Hi guys, thanks for your support!

I do not know why, but it works.

I changed the adapter and everything works fine. That is weird, because everything worked fine with the adapter that I exchanged. Thanks for your thoughts @logixal, inspired me to adjust a cable.

I am not sure if this will help anyone out there, as my setup is quite specific.

But what I can tell (if someone stumbles upon these error messages) that this must be some software related issue. I am not sure, if the third party usb hardware that I have plugged in updated my usb drivers. Being uncertain, my next step would have been @danj s advice, speak to elgato / apple and sending them some of my logs (spotlight -> console).

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What happens when you directly connect the Elgato Camlink stick to your system? Or another system which has a USB-A port.


@danj Hi Dan, everything works fine on my Windows (direct USB-A connection). But I am pretty sure it is not an issue with the adapter (worked fine before). I think it is a problem with my Macbook. I uploaded a screenshot with some logs (console).


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If its a high def camera you might need its own hub to operate. the cam link draws power from the USB correct? There’s no other power source for it?

I had a problem with having my HD camera plugged in and my Elgato on the same hub. It would cycle my camera on and off. You may need to get a USB Power booster to run both on the same USB outlet.

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@Alex Friedl - The log entries imply a OS level issue not hardware.

You'll likely need to speak with Elgato on their Camlink stick drivers and you may need to also talk directly with Apple.

I would also try using a USB-C to USB-A converter or a real Apple USB-A dongle to see if the hub you are using is a factor.

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