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How to become a professional computer and phone service technician?

Hi all,

I’m 31, live in Scotland and looking to change careers. I’ve always liked fixing things and am fairly good at it (fixed a few phones, replaced screens, few gamepads stripped and fixed etc), have basic soldering skills and am quite adept on the software side of things. I would really like to expand on these skill and learn more in the hope of becoming a professional computer and phone service technician and work in one of the repair shops on the high street or open my own.

This is where I need help. Im not sure what my first steps should be here. I’m thinking of maybe taking a course in college but obviously there are very few specific ones and mostly general ones on IT, electrics etc. Apprenticeships seem far and few between as well. any advice would very much be appreciated! thanks

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There are a few microsoldering course you can do. Enable academy is one of the run by claudiu Marian. Search Facebook for uk phone repair techs and he’s about there.

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thank so much!


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