Question about the ifixit battery replacement for Nintendo switch

I have a Nintendo Switch XKW with poor battery life. It will last for 2 hours on any game. I ordered a battery from IFIXIT and I am wondering how long will it stay charged? Does the IFIXIT battery last the same way as the Nintendo battery? I want the switch to last its normal battery life (4.5 to 9 hours). Has anyone brought a battery from IFIXIT for the Nintendo switch? If so do you have any issues with the battery not lasting a long charge? One person on the reviews on the description said he was able to get 8 hours in his switch when replacing his old one for this battery. Have anyone brought a battery for Nintendo switch from ifixit that can say how long their switch lasted with the ifixit battery replacement? Also let me know if its the XKW or XAW. I have the XKW model and needs battery replaced.

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Not sure how long it lasts as I do not have experience with the Ifixit battery for the Switch. But it won't get worse then it now is. Keep in mind that it is realllyyy difficult to get a brand new OEM battery..


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