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Designed in 2005 and released for the first model year in 2007, the GMC Yukon is a five-door SUV. It is a rebranded version of the Chevrolet Tahoe, both of which are designed by General Motors.

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Why did my yukon accelerate instead of stop?

The other day I tried to stop in town and instead my yukon accelerated through town reaching upwards of 60 miles an hour while I slammed on the breaks and got no response after weaving through traffic for several mins I finally managed to stop. Now all lights in the dashboard are on as well

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All lights are on? ABS, Check Engine, etc? If so you need to hook up to an OBDII scan tool and see what codes are popping up.


Also, if you ever find yourself in this situation, put the transmission in neutral, and SLOWLY apply emergency brake.


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I don’t have any answer to fix it. Try using an OBD scan tool to diagnose issues. Also, if this happens again, shift the car into neutral, and try to press the brake pedal (you may have to press hard or use the parking brake) until you stop.

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