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Camera and screen not right

i purchased the Ifixit battery and camera for my GF’s iphone. i replaced them both on Sunday. following the instructions in the guide on this page. now the new camera does not show an image and doesn’t seem to take photos when i press the capture button. in addition, the screen gets white vertical lines when there is anything white on the screen in the horizontal pixel path. i have done the entire replacement 2 times now thinking i have done something wrong but same result. everything works, and i can still see what is on screen its just white washed. i know reading a previous question that plugging in the battery last is the fix but has not worked for me as thats how i did the install both times.

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Have you tried resetting the iphone ?


i haven't as of yet, i have qued the GF to get her stuff backed up before we do, shes slow at these type of things


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Hey bro, I would try to take it back apart and check your connection of the display to the main board. the screen has to be backlit and that is what allows you to see whats on it. if you can see the screen faintly then it’s getting the display information but with out being backlit you wont be able to read it. Most screens have a separate power inverter to handle backlighting.

Update (05/05/2021)

If you can check it against a known good screen, You might have gotten unlucky and just gotten a bad screen. good luck. I would call and get a new one if you dont have luck soon.

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it is the original screen i replaced the battery and back camera. the screen works and is completely readable. the white lines are faded but i can still see the image underneath. when you first activate the screen after a lock the screen is normal. the lines slowly bleed in and if you change the screen the white lines change position. it seems to be connected to any white projections created, where ever the horizontal white pixels are active the intersecting vertical line becomes a faded white overlay from top to bottom of the phone.


Hmm….Does not sound like any pixel burn out I’ve heard off before. Have you any other way to test the phone it’s self?


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