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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zur Demontage des MacBook Pro 16", das im November 2019 auf den Markt kam.

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Not charging or turning on worked fine last time used

2019 16 inch mac book pro not turning on

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Check your power adapter is it a real Apple unit? Is the USB-C cable the one you got with the charger? If either is no you'll need to get the proper charger and cable.


Thank you for replying dan I'm using the real charger and cable came with the box I also checked the charger on a c type android phone which shows there is power coming out . I have recently upgraded to Big Sur but worked on it for a day or two. It's not responding to any thing .


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A fully dead system will need someone with deeper skills to diagnose. Time to visit someone who fixies Macs that has micro soldering skills these are not easy systems to fix! Or, find your way to an Apple Store.

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