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Whether they’re made from wool, organic cotton, or fleece, Patagonia sweaters add long-sleeve torso warmth to any cool weather pursuit.

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My puppy chewed the collar of my sweater. Can it be fixed?

My puppy chewed the collar of my sweater. I can’t find the piece she chewed off, but the rest of the sweater is almost brand new and it seems like such a waste to trash it! Can it be fixed?

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Hi NothankyouL,

Can you add a photo of the damage? Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

I can try to link you to the best solution we have on our site for now.



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Without seeing the garment it is a little difficult to suggest a solution., but you can always look in the Yellow Pages to find a local tailor or a community notice board and get someone to repair or replace the damage. I hope the puppy didn't swallow the missing piece.

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