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2010 MacBook Pro 15" screen turns off at login page *SOLVED*

I've had a lot of troubles with this MacBook Pro (2010 15") and it got to the point where a whole new logic board seemed to be the only solution. GPU faults etc etc.

Recently it started not starting up properly - it would boot and chime then the screen would just go black and the laptop would start getting insanely hot and the fans went into over drive, like all CPU cores were maxed out. It seemed like it was time for a completely different logic board.

I sourced one on eBay that was clean pulled from a working machine, and fitted it to my MacBook, but alas the same problem seems to be happening (minus the insane fans and overheating).


Any ideas what's going on here? Could the LCD screen cable be causing this? Plugging into an external display shows a blurred image of the login page, which does not dissapear when the screen turns itself off.

I’m aware of the capactior issue with these models - this had been done on the old logic board, but not the new one. The problem persisting however would suggest that is not the issue.

Before changing the logic board I did an Apple Hardware Test, which showed no faults.

Mac OS - High Sierra

Have also done the following with no luck:

  • NV / PRAM reset
  • SMC reset
  • Powered up without the battery
  • Booted into safe mode
  • Booted into recovery mode

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any suggestions would be welcome!


SOLVED: Replacing the screen cable fixed all these issues!

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OK let’s breakdown your issues

At the start we see this:

Block Image

Then we get the Apple icon and the bar to about the halfway point

Block Image

Then Green Screen!

Block Image

Then we get to the about the end of the boot

Block Image

A which point it finishes to a Black screen.

Image 1 shows your displays backlight is bad! This could be the light bar in the display and/or the LVDS cable MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2010, Unibody) LCD austauschen

Image 3 Causes of Mac Green Screen

  • A malfunctioning hardware component
  • Lack of available free space on Mac
  • Can't locate the booting files
  • Mac trying to access unavailable data
  • Screen driver missing
  • Malware attack on the system

Try booting up with an external boot drive, did that work?

The replacement logic board may need repairs!

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I replaced the screen cable and that fixed everything! Thanks for your help!


@robpiller - Don't forget to score the answer and accept it - Thanks!


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