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Samsungs Flaggschiff Smartphone mit Stift und Nachfolger des Note8 kam im August 2018 auf den Markt. Es verfügt über ein 6,4 " Display und bis zu 512 GB integriertem Speicher.

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Cellular Antenna Issues Galaxy Note 9

I dropped my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 last October, cracking the screen and display assembly. I replaced the display assembly myself (and replaced the charging port), but ever since have been getting a weaker than normal cell signal. It is typically one or two bars less than my brothers device at any given location. This issue leads to dropped/ unstable calls, failure to send texts, etc. GPS antenna also seams to go offline more frequently. I’ve tried all the software fixes, and am convinced it is hardware related. Where are the antenna locations on the phone? Are they replaceable or modifiable?

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For modern phones, the antennas could be all over the edges of the phone, and multiple antennas are required to ensure proper cellular reception and throughput, so if you have to fix them, fix all of them.

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I would replace the charge port and the small coaxial antennas that attach to the charge port. Just make sure you order the right variants according to your model number. I’ve seen customers and other repair shops replace their ports with the wrong variant resulting in cellular issues although the most common symptom was it would say “No SIM”.

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