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Vorgestellt am 16. September 2016. Modelle A1661, A1784 und A1785. Verfügbar mit 32, 128 oder 256 GB internem Speicher in den Farben Rose-Gold, Gold, Silber, Schwarz, Diamantschwarz und Rot.

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Why does my home button work on my old screen but not the new one?

I got the package for the screen replacement today and followed all steps with the guide. By the end however, the home button in the new screen wouldn’t actually work(no Touch ID, no click, etc.) I went back to troubleshoot by testing the button again with the old cracked screen(original screen) and the button works. I’m guessing the new screen doesn’t work(The actual swiping and touch functionality of the screen works, I think that the original button isn’t compatible with the new screen)? Can anyone help confirm?


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I think you will find you have a microscopic tear in the flex cable, the one from the screen to the logic board. It usually occurs at the 90 degree bend.

You will need to get another replacement screen.

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