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Die Galaxy Watch Active2 ist eine Smartwatch von Samsung. Mit den Modellnummern SM-R825, SM-R830 oder SM-R835 erschien sie im August 2019.

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My touch screen doesn't seem to be working on my Samsung Active2 watch

The screen on my watch doesn’t seem to be working. I can’t get into any of the widgets. It doesn’t seem to be “feeling” my taps. Is this repairable?

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Hi gary & chris,

you might want to check if the display connector sits properly on the motherboard or see if there is any dirt or remnants of water inside the watch which may affect the touch function of the display.

See this back cover guide to get inside. The top connector in the last image is the display.

Also you can read this thread (Samsung forum) on water damage on Galaxy watches for more background information.

If still under warranty from Samsung you may be eligible for a replacement or repair.

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Bought a decent Y00 as didnt have one, but %#*@ screws were in so tight i ended stripping the heads trying to get them out.


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Software update...us

But not working my whatch

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