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Model A1224 / Mitte 2007 und Anfang 2008 / 2, 2.4, oder 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Repair fail for iMac 2007

I opened up my computer so I can clean out the dust and everything.But when I was connecting everything I accidentally

Block Image

ripped out the grey wire that connects to the airport card.What Can I do and Can I replace it.

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@jellybean4_30 did the connector rip on the board or on the cable?


@oldturkey03 The connector on the cable.


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Ouch! These Coax connectors are a bit tricky to replace, they can be found.

The other option which is how I deal with it, is to replace the full cable! Here’s a source IPEX U.fl MHF 4 Plug RG-0.81 RF Pigtail Coaxial Jumper Cable OD 0.81mm Black Connector 10cm 15cm 20cm 30cm But you need to get to the other end and soldering in the new one.

The other direction is quite drastic but might in the end be easer and cheaper for you. Thats getting a replacement housing! iMac Alu 20" Rear Housing Unit/w Chassis - $17 USD! Then you just need to move things over.

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Thank You So much @danj I think I will go for the second Option.


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From your photo it look nearly disconnected. Just snap it back onto the connector on the wi-fi card.

iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 AirPort Extreme Karte austauschen

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The golden connecter ripped and I can't connect it.


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