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PS4 keeps making eject sound while on

So just recently my pro keeps making the beeping sound like trying to eject a disk but there is no disk in it. I’ve tried putting some bottles caps to elevate as I read on google that may help. Even took the front cover off and loosened the screw but still no luck. Just tried inserting a disk and it automatically throws it back out. Any feedback is much appreciated

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I have had this problem too but was with the PS4 slim and the old PS4 models. Those issue of ejecting disc same time its inserted and periodically generating the disc eject motion inside with no disc in it is due to a faulty eject button of the console. Try checking if your eject button does the same sound and feel as that of the power button. If it isn’t then the eject button is faulty. Another way to check if eject button is faulty without taking it apart is by just turning on the power point power of the console but not pressing the power button of the console. If the console does the consecutive beep that relates to no disc inside to eject then its a faulty eject button.

Hope this helps.

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