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The HP Pavilion x360 14m-ba114dx is a multi-functional tablet laptop released in July of 2018. It is powered by the Windows 10 Operating System and includes an Intel Core i5 8th Generation processor.

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About Hp laptop 14-dw1052tu cooling solution

I was watching a youtube while using second screen by connecting HDMI cable to my new HP 14-DW1052TU laptop pc.

But after 35min CPU temperature rises to 94°c.

How can I fix it??

Does all HP laptops are not good at cooling??

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Hey UiJun,

There shouldn’t be anything wrong with using a second monitor or using YouTube on a second monitor.

I work almost exclusively with HP laptops and desktops and haven’t had a single cooling issue to date. Make sure you don’t have the laptop air vents on your lap/couch/pillow, this would certainly cause a temperature issue.

Hope this helps.

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Your answer was very helpful.^^

I think I need a laptop cooling cradle.


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