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Das größte und teuerste Smartphone, das Apple am 20. September 2019 angekündigt hat, verfügt über ein 6,5" OLED-Display, ein Kamerasystem mit drei Linsen und eine deutlich verbesserte Akkulaufzeit. Es ist der Nachfolger des iPhone XS Max.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max apple logo loop.

The back of my iPhone broke badly and it began to do the apple logo loop so then I restore it and it came back on but again it started doing the apple logo loop. Would the problem be that the back glass broke and maybe it broke the wireless charging pad? Or what could be the problem

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There are multiple issues that can cause this. I would suspect a faulty part. Since you have Brocken the back glass I would recommend sourcing another housing for your logic board. If you wish to keep that housing the parts that can be causing your issues are:

·         Battery.

·         Charge port.

·         Screen.

·         Front flex assembly.

·         Front or rear camera.

In some rare instances a hard drop can also cause the NAND or CPU to be compromised which would end up in a costly repair.

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I had the same problem with my 11 after replacing the back and the battery it seemed to boot fine

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