Phone turns on with a recovery sing and never boots

Hello, i just found in my house an old microsoft lumia 535, the problem is when i turn it on it shows a recovery it shows a purple prompt for a split of a second and then it shows a recovery sing, but it stays there for some time (like 5 minutes or more) and then it shows and error “ERROR: Unable to find a bootable option. Press any key to shut down”

If you press the key it shows the the recovery sing for 5 seconds and then does the same thing as before (stays on the screen and error) but if you dont press the key it will reboot it self within 5 minutes of staying at that error screen

Then I opened the phone up and looked at the mother board, and everything was fine, every ribben cable was good and connected and from the exterior i dont see anything wrong with it.

I remember that a technician in my town upgraded the phone from windows 8.1 mobile to windows 10 mobile, it worked for a time and then did all of that stuff, i bringed it back to the technician and sayed it is irreparable. ¿Does someone have any idea of what is happening to that phone? i tooked photos of the recovery sing and error screen

Block Image

Block Image

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